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4400mah 8 cell CompaqEVO N105 N115 battery

4400mah 8 cell CompaqEVO N105 N115 battery
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HP Compaq 196345-B21, 196345-B22, 196346-001,
HP Compaq 196346-002, 197595-001, 199938-001,
HP Compaq 246437-001, 246437-002, 247050-001, 247051-001
6cell Compaq Presario P700 700 720 1400 1400T 14XL
14XL2 EVO N105 N115 series lapotp battery
Battery Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 14.8V
Capacity: 4400mah / 8 Cell
Color: black
Net Weight: 420g
Battery Condition Brand New, 100% replacement
Warranty 12 months Long
Fit for:
Compaq P700 EVO N105 N115 700 series
Compaq Presario 1400EB-180685-999 1400EB Series
Compaq Presario 1400 1400T Series
Presario 1400T-470003-924 1400T-470004-432
Presario 1400T-470007-422 1400T-470007-768
Presario 1400T-470009-110 1400T-470009-113
Presario 1400T-470009-114 1400T-470009-115
Presario 1400T-470010-243 1400T-470010-244 1400T-XL4
Compaq Presario 14XL Series
Presario 1400XL 14XL 14XL2
Presario 14XL240 14XL241 14XL242 14XL244
Presario 14XL244-176970-003 14XL240-182572-003
Presario 14XL244-176970-008 14XL245-182531-003
Presario 14XL245-182531-403 14XL246
Presario 14XL247 14XL250
Presario 14XL250-182531-023 14XL250-182531-033
Presario 14XL250-182531-043 14XL250-182531-053
Compaq Presario 700 series
Presario 700ND 700TC 700Z 700US 700UK
Presario 701 701AP 701CL 701EA 701FR 701JP 701LA 701US 701Z
Presario 702 702AP 702EA 702JP 702N 702NA 702US
Presario 703 703AP 703JP 704 704JP
Presario 705 705CA 705EA 705JP 705US
Presario 706EA 709 709EA 710 710CA 710EA
Compaq Presario 720 series
Presario 720LA 720TC 720US 721AP 721
Presario 721AU 721CL 721EA 721LA 721PT 721UK
Presario 722 722AR 722EA 722US
Presario 723 723EA 723iL 723RS 723RSH
Presario 724 724AU 724EA
Presario 725 725AP 725AR 725AU 725CA 725EA 725JP 725LA 725US
Presario 726 726EA 727 728 728EA 729

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  • Model: AC_8039
  • 100 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: ASUS

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 20 January, 2011.