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5200mAh HSTNN-LB3B HP Mini 210-3000 laptop battery

5200mAh HSTNN-LB3B HP Mini 210-3000 laptop battery
Battery Type?li-ion
Voltage: 10.8V
Capacity: 5200mAh
Color: black
Warranty?One Year

Replacement For?
646656-421, 646657-241, 646657-251, 646657-421, 646755-001, 646757-001, A2Q96AA, HSTNN-DB3B, HSTNN-LB3B, HSTNN-YB3A, HSTNN-YB3B, LV953AA, MT03, MT06, TPN-Q101, TPN-Q102
Compatible with:
HP Mini 210-3000 Serie
210-3000ea, 210-3000em, 210-3000er, 210-3000ev, 210-3000ew, 210-3000sa, 210-3000sb, 210-3000sd, 210-3000sg, 210-3000sl, 210-3000sm, 210-3000so, 210-3000ss, 210-3000st, 210-3000sv, 210-3000sw, 210-3001ea, 210-3001ei, 210-3001er, 210-3001ev, 210-3001si, 210-3001sl, 210-3001so, 210-3001sv, 210-3001xx, 210-3002er, 210-3002ev, 210-3002sa, 210-3002sl, 210-3002so, 210-3002sv, 210-3003sa, 210-3003si, 210-3005si, 210-3010ee, 210-3010em, 210-3010es, 210-3010sb, 210-3010sd, 210-3010se, 210-3010sl, 210-3010sm, 210-3010ss, 210-3010st, 210-3010sw, 210-3010sx, 210-3011sl, 210-3011sx, 210-3012sl, 210-3015la, 210-3016la, 210-3017la, 210-3018la, 210-3020ee, 210-3020ef, 210-3020ep, 210-3020se, 210-3020sf, 210-3020sp, 210-3020ss, 210-3020st, 210-3021ef, 210-3021sf, 210-3022ef, 210-3022sf, 210-3024ef, 210-3024sf, 210-3025ef, 210-3025sa, 210-3025sf, 210-3026ef, 210-3026sf, 210-3030ee, 210-3030ez, 210-3030se, 210-3040ca, 210-3040ez, 210-3040nr, 210-3044ez, 210-3047ez, 210-3047sz, 210-3050ez, 210-3050nr, 210-3050sg, 210-3051er, 210-3052er, 210-3053er, 210-3060ca, 210-3060ez, 210-3060nr, 210-3061ez, 210-3062ez, 210-3070ca, 210-3070nr, 210-3080nr, 210-3090et

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