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ACER Replacement Laptop Batteries, DR-35AA

ACER Replacement Laptop Batteries, DR-35AA
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ACER Replacement Laptop Batteries, DR-35AA, DR35, DR35S

Compatible Part Numbers:
DR-35AA, DR35, DR35S

Battery Type: Ni-MH
Voltage: 10.80V (Compatible with 11.10V)
Capacity: 4000mAh
Color: Black
Dimension: 214.50 x 52.00 x 18.50 mm
Product Type: Replacement Battery (Brand New)
Weight: 660.54 g

DR35 ACER Laptop Battery is compatible with the following models:

AcerNote 350 Series
AcerNote 350, AcerNote 350C, AcerNote 350P,
AcerNote 350PC, AcerNote 350PX

AcerNote 352 Series
AcerNote 355 Series
AcerNote 356 Series

AcerNote 358 Series
AcerNote 358

AcerNote 361 Series

AcerNote Light 350 Series
AcerNote Light 350P,
AcerNote Light 350PC

AcerNote Light 356 Series

AcerNote Light 358 Series
AcerNote Light 358

AcerNote LifeNote Series
AcerNote LifeNote 373

Vesta 586

Targa TN549

Daewoo Gloria CD,
Daewoo CN530,
Daewoo CN7500

Daewoo CPC 7000 Series
Daewoo CPC7500, Daewoo CPC7501, Daewoo CPC7550

Model 86

Ergo SubBrick Lite X75

Mitsubishi Apricot Note GX,
Mitsubishi Apricot Note GX/2


Model 3000S

Texas Instrument 450T Series,
Texas Instrument 455 Series,
Texas Instrument 500 Series,
Texas Instrument 515 Series,
Texas Instrument 605 Series,
Texas Instrument 655 Series

Texas Instruments Extensa 460 Series
Texas Instruments Extensa 470 Series
Texas Instruments Extensa 650 Series

Texas Instruments Extensa 450 Series
Extensa 450, Extensa 450T,
Extensa 455, Extensa 455T

Texas Instruments Extensa 510 Series
Extensa 510, Extensa 515

Texas Instruments Extensa 600 Series,
Extensa 600, Extensa 600C D,
Extensa 600C DT, Extensa 605,
Extensa 605C D, Extensa 605C DT,
Extensa 650, Extensa 650C D,
Extensa 650C DT, Extensa 655,
Extensa 655C D, Extensa 655C DT

Texas Instruments Extensa 670 Series
Extensa 670CD, Extensa 670CDT

SlimNote 7 Series,
SlimNote 700 Series

Twinhead SlimNote 710CV,
Twinhead SlimNote 713TV

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