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Battery Mitac 8317 BP-8X17 BP-8X17(P) BP-8X17(S) BP-8X17R(S)

Battery Mitac 8317 BP-8X17 BP-8X17(P) BP-8X17(S) BP-8X17R(S)
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Chemistry: Lithium-ion
Voltage: 11.1V
Capacity: 6000mAH
Color: Black
Condition: Brand New and 24 months warranty

Pat Number:
BP-Dragon(S) BP-8X17R(S) for MITAC laptop 8X17

Fit Model:
EasyNote W1 Series
EasyNote W1000
EasyNote W1800
EasyNote W1801

EasyNote W3 Series
EasyNote W3010
EasyNote W3025
EasyNote W3040
EasyNote W3045
EasyNote W3080
EasyNote W3100
EasyNote W3110
EasyNote W3110 W
EasyNote W3117
EasyNote W3141
EasyNote W3200
EasyNote W3210 D
EasyNote W3220
EasyNote W3230
EasyNote W3240
EasyNote W3281
EasyNote W3281 W
EasyNote W3300
EasyNote W3301
EasyNote W3301 D
EasyNote W3320
EasyNote W3322
EasyNote W3330
EasyNote W3330 D
EasyNote W3331
EasyNote W3332
EasyNote W3333
EasyNote W3334
EasyNote W3335
EasyNote W3337
EasyNote W3338
EasyNote W3340
EasyNote W3344 D
EasyNote W3350
EasyNote W3360
EasyNote W3370
EasyNote W3411
EasyNote W3419
EasyNote W3420
EasyNote W3421
EasyNote W3422 D
EasyNote W3423
EasyNote W3424
EasyNote W3425
EasyNote W3430
EasyNote W3431
EasyNote W3440
EasyNote W3450
EasyNote W3450 W
EasyNote W3451
EasyNote W3470
EasyNote W3501
EasyNote W3522
EasyNote W3540
EasyNote W3570
EasyNote W3624
EasyNote W3630
EasyNote W3634
EasyNote W3641
EasyNote W3650
EasyNote W3750 W
EasyNote W3810
EasyNote W3811
EasyNote W3813
EasyNote W3823
EasyNote W3840
EasyNote W3900
EasyNote W3900 W
EasyNote W3903
EasyNote W3910
EasyNote W3910 D
EasyNote W3961
EasyNote W3971
EasyNote W3972 D
EasyNote W3973

EasyNote W7 Series
EasyNote W7040
EasyNote W7056
EasyNote W7200
EasyNote W7500
EasyNote W7600
EasyNote W7620
EasyNote W7760
EasyNote W7770
EasyNote W7810

Medion MAM2070
Medion MD95448
Medion MD95550
Medion MD95996

Mitac 8317
Mitac MiNote 8317

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  • Model: AC_35438
  • Shipping Weight: 0.6g
  • 100 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: CHUNGHWA

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