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Charger For Samsung HZ10W L210

Charger For Samsung HZ10W L210

Product Features:
Wall Charger Voltage: AC 100V-240V(Input) 50~60Hz Max 150mAh, DC 8.4V(Output) 600mAh
Color: Black
Gross Weight : 197g

Package Includes:
1X Charger For Samsung HZ10W L210

Part Number ?
HZ10W, HZ15W, L100, L110
L200, L210, NV9, SL102
SL202, SL203, SL310, SL310W
SL420, SL502, SL620
SL720, SL820, TL9
ES55, L310W, L313, PL60, PL65

Compatible Models:
SC-D101, SC-D103, SC-D105, SC-D107, SC-D180, SC-D20, SC-D21, SC-D22, SC-D23, SC-D24, SC-D27, SC-D29, SC-D303, SC-D305, SC-D307, SC-D31, SC-D323, SC-D325, SC-D327, SC-D33, SC-D34, SC-D39, SC-D530, SC-D530(T), SC-D530T, SC-D55, SC-D590, SC-D590(T), SC-D590T, SC-D60, SC-D6040, SC-D6050, SC-D67, SC-D70, SC-D71, SC-D73, SC-D75, SC-D77, SC-D80, SC-D81, SC-D86, SC-D87, SC-D93, SC-D99, VM-A600, VM-A630, VM-A637H, VM-A650, VM-A6600, VM-A670, VM-A930, VM-A990, VM-B1300, VM-B1300T, VM-B1700, VM-B1700T, VM-B1900, VM-B1900R, VM-B1900T, VM-B3710, VM-B3770, VM-B3775, VM-B710, VM-B730, VM-B770, VM-B97HS, VM-B990, VM-B990H, VM-B995A, VM-C1500, VM-C2000, VM-C630, VM-C670, VM-C690, VM-C730, VM-C790, VM-C860, VM-C870, VM-C890, VP-D10, VP-D100, VP-D101, VP-D101I, VP-D103, VP-D105, VP-D105I, VP-D10i, VP-D11, VP-D11i, VP-D130, VP-D130i, VP-D130I, VP-D15, VP-D15i, VP-D19, VP-D190, VP-D190i, VP-D190MS, VP-D190MSi, VP-D20, VP-D20i, VP-D21, VP-D21i, VP-D23, VP-D23i, VP-D24, VP-D24i, VP-D26, VP-D26i, VP-D30, VP-D30i, VP-D31, VP-D31i, VP-D33, VP-D33i, VP-D34, VP-D340, VP-D340i, VP-D34i, VP-D380, VP-D380i, VP-D39, VP-D39i, VP-D530, VP-D530i, VP-D530R, VP-D530T, VP-D530Ti, VP-D55, VP-D590, VP-D590i, VP-D590Ri, VP-D590T, VP-D590Ti, VP-D60, VP-D63, VP-D65, VP-D70, VP-D70i, VP-D73, VP-D73i, VP-D75, VP-D75i, VP-D76, VP-D76i, VP-D77, VP-D77i, VP-D7L, VP-D80, VP-D80i, VP-D81, VP-D81i, VP-D82, VP-D82i, VP-D83, VP-D83i, VP-D85, VP-D87, VP-D87D, VP-D87Di, VP-D87i, VP-D93, VP-D93i, VP-D97, VP-D97i, VP-D99

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