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Laptop Keyboard for Toshiba Satellite A10 A15 A20 A25 Series

Laptop Keyboard for Toshiba Satellite A10 A15 A20 A25 Series
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Laptop Keyboard for Toshiba Satellite A10 A15 A20 A25 A30 A40 A45 Series

Product ID: A10

Layout: US
Letter: English
Regulatory Approval: CE, UL
Status: Genuine and new!
Remark: Ribbon cable included
Condition: New, 6 months Warranty!

Fit Models:

Satellite A10 Series:
A10-S100, A10-S1001, A10-S127, A10-S128, A10-S129, A10-S1291, A10-S167, A10-S169, A10-S177, A10-S178
Satellite A15 Series:
A15-S127, A15-S129, A15-S1291, A15-S157, A15-S158, A15-S1692
Satellite A20 Series:
A20-S207, A20-S208, A20-S259, A20-S2591
Satellite A25 Series:
A25-S207, A25-S208, A25-S279, A25-S2791, A25-S2792, A25-S307, A25-S308

Satellite A40 Series:
A40-S161, A40-S1611, A40-S200, A40-S2001, A40-S270
Satellite A45 Series:
A45-S120, A45-S1201, A45-S1202, A45-S121, A45-S1211, A45-S130, A45-S1301, A45-S150, A45-S151, A45-S1511, A45-S250, A45-S2502
Satellite A50 Series
Satellite A55 Series:
A55-S106, A55-S1063, A55-S306, A55-S3061, A55-S3062, A55-S3063, A55-S326, A55-S3261
Satellite A70 Series:
A70-S2362, A70-S249, A70-S2491, A70-S256, A70-S259, A70-S2591, A70-SP249, A70-SP259, A70-SP286
Satellite A75 Series:
A75-S206, A75-S2061, A75-S209, A75-S2091, A75-S226, A75-S2261, A75-S229, A75-S2291, A75-S2292, A75-S276, A75-S2762, A75-SP229, A75-SP249, A75-SP286

Satellite 1400 Series:
1400-S151, 1400-S152, 1405-S151, 1405-S152, 1405-S171, 1405-S172, 1410-S173, 1410-S174, 1415-S105, 1415-S106, 1415-S115, 1415-S173
Satellite 1900 Series:
1900-S305, 1905 Series, 1905-S277, 1905-S301, 1905-S302, 1905-S303, 1905-S304, PS1901-000FS
Satellite 2400 Series:
2400-S201, 2400-S202,2400-S251,2400-S252,2405-S201,2405-S202, 2405-S221, 2410-S185,2410-S203,2410-S204,2410-S205,2410-S206,2415-S105,2415-S205,2415-S206,

Satellite M30 Series:
M30-S309, M30-S350,M30-S3501 ... etc.
Satellite M30x Series:
M30X (15 WXGA), M30X (15 XGA), M30X-S1592, M30X-S1593... etc.
Satellite M35 Series:
M35-S320, M35-S359, M35-S3591, M35-S3592, M35-S456,M35-S4561... etc.
Satellite M35x Series:
M35X-S109,M35X-S149, M35X-S1491, M35X-S309, M35X-S3091, M35X-S329, M35X-S3291, M35X-S349, M35X-S3491, M35X-SP349

Satellite P10 Series
Satellite P20 Series
Satellite P25 Series
Satellite P30 Series
Satellite P35 Series
SatelliteS205 Series
SatelliteS1130 Series

Toshiba QOSMIO Series Laptop:
E10, E15, F15, G10, G15

Toshiba Tecra Series Laptop:
A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, M1, M2, M3, M4, S2, S3

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