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LG LM40 LM50 LM LS LW R1 V1 LE50LW60 Battery

LG LM40 LM50 LM LS LW R1 V1 LE50LW60 Battery
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  1. LG LM40 LM50 LM LS LW R1 V1 LE50 LS45 LW60 Battery
  2. LB32111B, LB52113B, LB52113D, LHBA06ANONE, LMBA06.AEX, LSBA06.AEX Replacement for LG LM40, LM50, LM60, LM, LS, LS50, LW, LW40, LW65, LW75, R1, R400, R405, RD400, S1, T1, V1 Series Laptop Battery

    Battery Type: Li-ion
    Voltage: 11.10V
    Capacity: 4400mAh
    Color: Black
    Dimension: 204.60 x 45.80 x 20.50 mm
    Product Type: Replacement Battery (Brand New)
    Warranty : Three months
    Weight : 302.78g

    Compatible Part Numbers:

    LB32111B, LB52113B, LB52113D, LHBA06ANONE, LMBA06.AEX, LSBA06.AEX,

    Fit Machine Model:

    LG LM40 Series,
    LG LM50 Series,
    LG LM60 Series

    LG LM Series
    LE50, LM60, LM60-3B5C1,
    LM60-CBJA, LM60 Express,
    LM70, LM70 Express, LM70-QKXA

    LG LS Series
    LS45, LS55, LS55-1EFA,
    LS55-1GJA, LS55 Express,
    LS70, LS70 Express, LS75, LS75 Express

    LG LS50 Series
    LS50-AGHU1, LS50-AGHF1

    LG LW Series
    LW60, LW60-B3M44A, LW60-BAJA,
    LW60-D2JA, LW60-DBJA, LW60 Express,
    LW60-QCMA, LW70, LW70 Express,
    LW70-QJMA, LW70-QLZA

    LG LW40 Series
    LW40 Express

    LG LW65 Series
    LW65 Express

    LG LW75 Series
    LW75 Express

    LG R1 Series
    R1 Pro Express Dual, R1-C001A9, R1-C002A9

    LG R400 Series
    R400-EP23A3, R400-MP22A3, R400-5222A3,

    LG R405 Series
    R405, R405-G.CBB1A9, R405-G.CPB1A9, R405-G.CPBSA9
    R405-S.CPCBG, R405-GB02A9, R405-GP01A9, R405-SPCAG

    LG RD400 Series

    LG S1 Series
    S1 Express Dual, S1 Pro Express Dual

    LG T1 Series
    T1 Express Dual

    LG V1 Series

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