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PA3356U-1BAS TOSHIBA Qosmio F20 F25 Battery

PA3356U-1BAS TOSHIBA Qosmio F20 F25 Battery
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PA3356U-1BAS TOSHIBA Qosmio F20 F25 A25 U200 M10 Battery 7200mAh

Replacement for TOSHIBA Dynabook Qosmio F20, Dynabook Satellite M10, MX, T10, T11, T12, T20, Dynabook SS M, MX, TX, TX/2, TX/3, TX/4, Portege M300, M500, S100, Qosmio F20, F25, A25, U200, U205, Pro U200, Tecra A2, A3X, A9, M2, M2V, M3, M5, M5L, M6, M9, S3, S4, S5 Series Laptop Battery

Battery Type : Li-ion
Voltage : 10.80V
Capacity : 7200mAh
Color : Black
Dimension : 206.90 x 68.90 x 20.50 mm
Product Type : Replacement Battery (Brand New)
Weight : 448.00g
Warranty : One year warranty

Fit Model:

Toshiba Dynabook Qosmio F20 Series

Dynabook Qosmio F20-573LS, Dynabook Qosmio F20-575LS,
Dynabook Qosmio F20-590LS

Toshiba Dynabook Satellite M10 Series,
Toshiba Dynabook Satellite MX Series,
Toshiba Dynabook Satellite T10 Series,
Toshiba Dynabook Satellite T11 Series,
Toshiba Dynabook Satellite T12 Series,
Toshiba Dynabook Satellite T20 Series

Toshiba Dynabook SS M Series

Dynabook SS M35 146C/2W, Dynabook SS M35 166D/2W,
Dynabook SS M35 166S/2W, Dynabook SS M36 166E/2W,
Dynabook SS M36 173C/2W, Dynabook SS M37 166E/2W,
Dynabook SS M37 186C/2W

Toshiba Dynabook SS MX Series
Dynabook SS MX 190, Dynabook SS MX/25A, Dynabook SS MX/27A,
Dynabook SS MX 290, Dynabook SS MX/370LS, Dynabook SS MX/390LS,
Dynabook SS MX/395LS, Dynabook SS MX/470LS, Dynabook SS MX/495LS

Toshiba Dynabook TX Series,
Toshiba Dynabook TX/2 Series

Dynabook TX/2513CDSW, Dynabook TX/2513CMSW,
Dynabook TX/2515LDSW, Dynabook TX/2517LDSW

Toshiba Dynabook TX/3 Series,
Toshiba Dynabook TX/4 Series,
Toshiba Portege M300 Series

Portege M300-100

Toshiba Portege M500 Series
Portege M500-P140, Portege M500-P1401, Portege M500-P141,
Portege M500-P1411

Toshiba Portege S100 Series
Portege S100-112, Portege S100-113, Portege S100-133,
Portege S100-S113TD

Toshiba Qosmio F20 Series
Qosmio F20-101, Qosmio F20-149, Qosmio F20-153,
Qosmio F20-161

Toshiba Qosmio F25 Series
Qosmio F25-AV205

Toshiba Satellite A50 Series
Satellite A50-101, Satellite A50-105, Satellite A50-106,
Satellite A50-108, Satellite A50-109, Satellite A50-111,
Satellite A50-112, Satellite A50-114, Satellite A50-432,
Satellite A50-492, Satellite A50-493, Satellite A50-512,
Satellite A50-542, Satellite A50-543

Toshiba Satellite A55 Series,
Toshiba Satellite U200 Series

Satellite U200-160, Satellite U200-161, Satellite U200-162,
Satellite U200-163, Satellite U200-ST2091, Satellite U200-ST2092,
Satellite U200-ST3311

Toshiba Satellite U205 Series
Satellite U205-S5002, Satellite U205-S5022, Satellite U205-S5034,
Satellite U205-S5044, Satellite U205-S5057, Satellite U205-S5058,
Satellite U205-S5067, Satellite U205-S5068

Toshiba Satellite Pro U200 Series
Satellite Pro U200-134

Toshiba Tecra A2 Series,
Toshiba Tecra A3X Series

Tecra A3X-102, Tecra A3X-165, Tecra A3X-166,
Tecra A3X-167

Toshiba Tecra A9 Series
Tecra A9-102, Tecra A9-10M, Tecra A9-50N,
Tecra A9-50Q, Tecra A9-50X, Tecra A9-51B,
Tecra A9-51E, Tecra A9-51F, Tecra A9-51G,
Tecra A9-51H, Tecra A9-51S, Tecra A9-51U,
Tecra A9-51V, Tecra A9-S9012X, Tecra A9-S9013,
Tecra A9-S9013X, Tecra A9-S9015X, Tecra A9-S9016X,
Tecra A9-S9017, Tecra A9-ST9001, Tecra A9-ST9002

Toshiba Tecra M2 Series,
Toshiba Tecra M2V series,
Toshiba Tecra M3 Series

Tecra M3-VACF

Toshiba Tecra M5 Series
Tecra M5-103, Tecra M5-104, Tecra M5-10K,
Tecra M5-10Q, Tecra M5-118, Tecra M5-119,
Tecra M5-121, Tecra M5-122, Tecra M5-129,
Tecra M5-132, Tecra M5-133, Tecra M5-135,
Tecra M5-143, Tecra M5-292, Tecra M5-382,
Tecra M5-383, Tecra M5-384, Tecra M5-403,
Tecra M5-415, Tecra M5-417, Tecra M5-S433,
Tecra M5-S4331, Tecra M5-S4332, Tecra M5-S4333,
Tecra M5-S5331, Tecra M5-S5332, Tecra M5-SP721,
Tecra M5-ST1412, Tecra M5-ST5011

Toshiba Tecra M5L Series,
Toshiba Tecra M6 Series

Tecra M6-EZ6611, Tecra M6-ST3412

Toshiba Tecra M9 Series
Tecra M9-12C, Tecra M9-12K, Tecra M9-12L,
Tecra M9-12R, Tecra M9-12S, Tecra M9-13A,
Tecra M9-14Y, Tecra M9-16F, Tecra M9-16H,
Tecra M9-104, Tecra M9-136, Tecra M9-139,
Tecra M9-156, Tecra M9-169, Tecra M9-S5513X,
Tecra M9-S5514, Tecra M9-S5514X, Tecra M9-S5515,
Tecra M9-S5515X, Tecra M9-ST5511, Tecra M9-ST5511X,
Tecra M9L-12K, Tecra M9L-12C, Tecra M9L-12T,
Tecra M9L-101

Toshiba Tecra S3 Series
Tecra S3-120, Tecra S3-129, Tecra S3-130,
Tecra S3-140, Tecra S3-141, Tecra S3-142,
Tecra S3-161, Tecra S3-208, Tecra S3-223,
Tecra S3-242, Tecra S3-366, Tecra S3-S411TD

Toshiba Tecra S4 Series
Tecra S4-105, Tecra S4-10M, Tecra S4-10N,
Tecra S4-120, Tecra S4-126, Tecra S4-127,
Tecra S4-132, Tecra S4-133

Toshiba Tecra S5 Series
Tecra S5-10X, Tecra S5-11K,Tecra S5-11S

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