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Refurbished Compaq Presario 1200XL Series US Keyboard 222147-001

Refurbished Compaq Presario 1200XL Series US Keyboard 222147-001
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Warranty:30 Day Warranty

Description:Refurbished Compaq Presario 1200XL Series US Keyboard 222147-001

For: PRESARIO 1200XL, PRESARIO 1200XX, , PRESARIO 12XL, , PRESARIO 12XL201, PRESARIO 12XL202, PRESARIO 12XL203, PRESARIO 12XL204, PRESARIO 12XL205, PRESARIO 12XL212, PRESARIO 12XL220, PRESARIO 12XL222, PRESARIO 12XL223, PRESARIO 12XL301, PRESARIO 12XL302, PRESARIO 12XL303, PRESARIO 12XL304, PRESARIO 12XL305, PRESARIO 12XL307, PRESARIO 12XL310, PRESARIO 12XL311, PRESARIO 12XL312, PRESARIO 12XL314, PRESARIO 12XL320, PRESARIO 12XL323, PRESARIO 12XL325, PRESARIO 12XL326, PRESARIO 12XL327, PRESARIO 12XL330,Presario 1200AN, Presario 12XL400, Presario 12XL401, Presario 12XL402,Presario 12XL410,Presario 12XL420Presario 12XL421 Presario 12XL426 Presario 12XL427 Presario 12XL428 Presario 12XL430 Presario 12XL500 Presario 12XL501 Presario 12XL502 Presario 12XL504 Presario 12XL505 Presario 12XL509 Presario 12XL510 Presario 12XL512 Presario 12XL513 Presario 12XL515 Presario 12XL517 Presario 12XL519 Presario 12XL520 Presario 12XL521 Presario 12XL526 Presario 12XL527 Presario 12XL530 Presario 12XL531

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